2015 Vintage in Bottle

It’s official the 2015 Closson Chase vintage is now in bottle. And what a vintage it is. According to Keith Tyers it can only be described in superlatives, “fantastic, gorgeous, glorious“.

And that after a very hard growing season. Weather conditions were variable and often record-breaking in 2015. 

It was unusually cold and dry in January resulting in markedly reduced crop yields. A brutally cold February brought more snow than normal and shattered low temperature records across the County.

Late May we were hit by frost with spotty damage in the vineyard. As Keith noted “Mother Nature can be very humbling “. Crews were on scene in the vineyard throughout the night, burning hay and employing inversion fans in an effort to facilitate air movement around the grape vines.

Bizarre weather swings continued with an exceptionally wet June followed by a very dry July – excessively dry. However, September brought warm beautiful conditions for the start of harvest. Warmer than normal weather continued through November and into December.

The result was fruit with good concentration and flavours as the grapes profited from the warm, dry summer and fall.  We work with what Mother Nature dishes out to coax the best out of the vineyard.  Despite the challenging weather conditions or perhaps because of them Closson Chase has a fine vintage to present.

But be forewarned the wines won’t last long as total production is 500 cases.